Simlock kodem z telefonów Samsung - Z Kanady

Simlock kodem z telefonów Samsung - Z KanadyUsługa ta pozwala na zdjęcie simlocka z telefonów Samsung pochodzących z sieci Kanadyjskich poprzez kod. Obsługiwane są wszystkie modele występujące w tym kraju.
Wpisane kody w żaden sposób nie ingerują w oprogramowanie telefonu. Dlatego usługa zdjęcia simlocka za pomocą kodu jest najbezpieczniejszą metodą.
W tym serwisie podawany jest tylko kod NCK !!!


2018-07-13 01:50:22 Tornyeli

Simlock Samsung Galaxy S7 - you guys are awesome....much appreciated

2018-07-03 12:08:56 Carlos A.

Simlock Samsung Galaxy S5 - Good service 100%. I recomend it.

2018-06-26 03:39:18 osbourne

Simlock Samsung Galaxy S6 - The code work properly......but its a long wait.

2018-06-25 10:37:18 Jorind

Simlock Samsung Galaxy Note III - Phone is unblocked and ready for use. Thank you very much

2018-06-14 19:39:28 Wiktor

Simlock Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo - Super Dziękuję

2018-05-29 20:16:36 stefan

Simlock Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 - Hi, unlock code for Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 was correct . Samsung runs Thanks

2018-05-22 00:20:13 Marco Francisco

Simlock Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) - Todo muy bien, gracias. servicio muy confiable.

2018-05-17 13:13:06 janette

Simlock Samsung Galaxy S8 - Fantastico....seguro y rápido...

2018-05-17 13:10:19 Musa

Simlock Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo - Great price and unlock code was sent within the period given.

2018-05-04 12:26:53 marcin

Simlock Samsung Galaxy Note III - All good

2018-04-14 12:05:26 george

Simlock Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo - very good service.Quick enough and very eficient.Thank you

2018-02-09 18:58:39 Ricardo

Simlock Samsung Galaxy S6 - Excelente servicio muchas gracias

2018-02-09 11:16:03 dennis

Simlock Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 - simple and good

2018-02-08 21:50:36 Brett

Simlock Samsung Galaxy S6 - Code worked great. Only reason for 4 stars is it took 13 days for my code.

2018-01-05 13:26:47 Filipe

Simlock Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) - It works received on the second day recommend website to anyone. Thank you.

2018-01-05 11:06:24 Filipe

Simlock Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) - It works. Recommend to anyone. Thank you

2018-01-03 16:38:44 joel

Simlock Samsung Galaxy S8 - Très bon service, mon téléphone marche à merveille et le déblocage a été fait dans les délais.

2018-01-03 12:51:46 Luis

Simlock - Thanks This was great... although the price could be lower (I would appreciate it) Best regards, Luís

2017-12-21 22:26:26 Paul

Simlock Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) - Very quick and effective (24hours) and I did not provide a carrier (as I had purchased the phone independent of a carrier)..

2017-12-19 16:15:59 Asim

Simlock Samsung Galaxy S7 - Excellent service... very quick response.... I used this service 2nd time and very much satisfied..... i give 5 stars for sure....

2017-12-19 11:38:52 Muaz

Simlock Samsung Galaxy S7 edge G935 - Excellent service. Definitely will use again. I was at first confused as I mixed up the numbers. But I sorted it out. One business day and my phone was unlocked. Thank you.

2017-12-12 16:31:00 Rudi

Simlock Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 - Worked Flawlessly. Thank you, you saved me from buying a new phone.

2017-12-11 22:57:48 Egon

Simlock Samsung Galaxy S7 - Vielen Dank Defreeze und NCK für S7 Canada/Rogers hat einwandfrei funktioniert

2017-12-08 09:58:49 Darius

Simlock Samsung Galaxy S8 - Mobile unlocked in two days. Amazing quick unlock. Very good service. Amazing website and etc. Big thanks

2017-12-06 18:54:30 Janusz

Simlock Samsung Galaxy J3 - Szybko, sprawnie i niezawodnie. Polecam

2017-12-04 18:13:45 mustapha

Simlock Samsung Galaxy S6 - grazie

2017-12-02 16:50:25 Beaner

Simlock Samsung Galaxy S8 - Awsome Service would recomend to anyone from Manitoba,Canada thanks guys

2017-11-30 11:01:01 Guillaume

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2017-11-22 15:30:27 Catherine

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2017-11-22 14:43:35 Yves

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2017-11-05 19:50:14 Mikheil

Simlock Samsung Galaxy S8+ - Fast, Reliable,Optimal

2017-10-30 04:12:52 Billy Boy

Simlock Samsung Galaxy S8+ - Worked. Simple and easy. I tried a cheaper site first, but they weren't able to provide code. Still waiting for my refund. These guys cost more and took a day, but success.

2017-10-24 22:57:32 Charlie

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2017-10-24 13:23:38 Andre

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2017-10-17 14:59:57 Cecile

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2017-10-13 13:43:39 guy

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2017-10-10 22:31:17 Wolf

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2017-10-10 21:32:35 Sascha

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2017-10-05 06:31:09 Marc

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2017-09-29 11:43:01 Tiwari

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2017-09-25 05:13:24 Benjamin

Simlock Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) - It's amazing it worked and can take up to 7 working days Thanks Heaps