Jak długo będę czekać ?

Czas oczekiwania na kod simlock wynosi od od 6 do 24 godzin.

Średni czas wynosi 55 minut. Czas ten obliczany jest na podstawie 50 ostatnich zamówień wykonanych przez naszych klientów.



Co nasi klienci mówią o odblokowaniu

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    Marcin - 2014-11-19 08:54:05

Jak wpisać kod do telefonu ZTE MF64 ?

Aby wpisać kod simlock w ZTE MF64 należy wykonać następujące czynności:
1. Włącz swój ZTE MF64 z nieobsługiwaną kartą SIM. Jeżeli karta SIM posiada numer PIN to wpisz go.
2. Urządzenie poprosi o kod odblokowujący.
3. Wprowadź kod i zatwierdź.


2018-03-31 14:45:19 Joseph

I had absolutely no real expectation of this working after trying many other solutions--but Sim-Unlock worked on the first shot. So glad I haven't wasted my money on an ebay wireless hotspot that was locked. Thanks

2018-02-21 02:33:36 cristian

Hola Esperó que sigan así me sirvió el código, perfecto y lo recibí en tiempo y forma, "" gracias"" muy recomendable

2018-02-10 01:48:40 Eric

Worked Great. Had an issue at first entering the code, but got it working soon after. Excellent service.

2018-02-02 17:10:15 SERGIO JR

Excellent service and really fast, recommend. Tks a lot.

2017-09-14 13:11:08 Thomas

Unlocked a T Mobile ZTE MF 64 modem. No problem with unlocking the modem

2017-08-09 06:55:07 Klaus

Wow, für den Preis unfassbar, dauerte zwar über Nacht bis die Mail kam, aber es war ja schon 18:00 Uhr als ich bestellt habe. Code eingegeben und ein paar Sekunden später frei für alle Netze. Dachte das wären alles Fake Bewertungen, aber siehe da, Tiptop Leistung, absolut empfehlenswert. Jetzt kann ich mein MIfi nach meinem Hawaii Urlaub viel besser wieder verkaufen. Dankeschön nach Polen 5 *****

2017-07-14 18:18:46 Daniel

I was skeptical since I've never unlocked a phone with a service like this. The price was very reasonable and I received the unlock code quickly. Code worked excellent. This is probably one of the more cost effective unlock sites out there.

2017-04-26 10:21:46 manuman

perfect, it works

2017-04-15 17:14:49 Rogerio

Quick and worked fine

2017-03-21 10:42:17 Mario

Great service,worked for my ZTE MF64 T-Mobile Hotspot. Unfortunately I didn't checked the spec.of the unit beforehand​,,so it's unlocked now,but I can't use it in Europe as we use different frequencies than the US, again my fault, the unlock code was sent approx.20min. after they got the money.So be aware even if the unlock work's perfectly,you should check the frequency bands before.cheers

2017-03-02 16:08:23 Ruben

Excellent service, thank you very much.

2017-02-14 23:26:08 Peter

Awesome worked great for my ZTE m64 hotspot. can you get unlock code for franklin wireless R850 hotspot if so I will buy one thanks again

2017-01-30 03:04:46 David

Great fast service 5 stars all day.

2016-11-03 06:05:36 Douglas

It worked Great

2016-10-30 07:34:16 Bryan

Once again as always service excellent and time. Thanks again

2016-10-07 12:57:11 erlon

works great

2016-10-02 17:07:01 BRYAN

Very affordable prices and super fast turn around time. You couldn't ask for more

2016-09-29 12:32:29 Steele

Absolute Legends, After I reset device it asked and all went smooth as... Thank You

2016-09-26 14:20:10 Patrick

Worked great on the first try and at about 1/2 the cost of many other sites

2016-09-13 23:09:45 Paul

Muy bueno rápido confiables

2016-05-25 17:44:50 Alberto

Muy buena solución, el código me llegó antes de lo informado y funcionó a la perfeccion

2016-05-19 16:00:41 JIVKO

works great. Thank you

2016-05-16 16:07:18 JIVKO

Unlocked 4 Pcs in 2 hrs. Thought they were useless for me.... Thank you

2016-05-16 16:04:26 JIVKO

Worked as a charm unlocked in 25 min

2016-04-30 03:51:54 Kevin

The unlock code seems to have worked perfectly (ZTE MF64)...thanks

2016-04-07 17:18:34 Cristina

Me ayudo a desbloquear gracias en mejos de una hora Eficiente

2016-04-01 15:03:57 Paul

Took about 30 minutes and the code worked like a charm. Thanks for the great service.

2016-01-28 12:01:26 IKER

Fast as lightining, works perfect. A+++

2016-01-27 21:28:25 IKER

Fast as lightining, works perfect. A+++

2016-01-13 18:55:07 julio

thanks for your help..i got my code faster...i did not have any problems.

2015-12-22 11:33:16 Eduardo

It worked perfectly.

2015-12-17 22:39:30 Julio Pineda

As Promised Payed for the code and got it in less than the estimated time. Really Satisfied

2015-08-29 05:43:43 Oscar

Good service

2015-06-19 22:08:42 camilo

Hola de nuevo ya pude muy buen servicio

2015-06-14 22:14:12 Killian

Good service. Waited about 35 mins for code. Had a tmobile hotshot mf64 that I bought in the US and hoped that I could unlock one day. In Canada now and bought new sim. Once I got code logged into admin page ( default password : admin) there was a text box to input code and I was unlocked. Delighted.

2015-06-11 20:30:47 Jorge

Exlcelente, liberado en Chile

2015-05-21 14:49:42 Silvestre

Good, but very expensive price.

2015-01-02 16:02:24 Damon

The unlock code supplied worked perfectly. I was a bit dubious about paying money to get the unlock code but it worked well and within 5 mins my T-Mobile device was unlocked so I could use my international sim-card in it.

2014-11-19 08:54:05 Marcin

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