Jak długo będę czekać ?

Czas oczekiwania na kod simlock dla telefonów Alcatel wynosi od 1 godziny do 48 godzin roboczych.

Średni czas wynosi 19 godzin 41 minut. Czas ten obliczany jest na podstawie 50 ostatnich zamówień wykonanych przez naszych klientów.

Alcatel 4034X


Co nasi klienci mówią o odblokowaniu

  • sukces.

    bob - 2016-09-21 20:14:33

  • Pełna profeska w tym co robią....... na 5 gwiazdek daje 10

    lukasz - 2016-08-31 00:21:02

Jak wpisać kod do telefonu Alcatel 4034X ?

Kod do telefonu Alcatel 4034X można wpisać na dwa sposoby:

1 - Włącz telefon z obcą* kartą SIM.
2 - Gdy pojawi się komunikat "Enter Network Key" wprowadź kod odblokowujący NCK.
Telefon Alcatel 4034X jest już bez simlocka.
* obca - karta SIM z innej sieci, od tej w której działa telefon.

1. Włącz telefon Alcatel 4034X bez karty SIM
2. Wpisz: *#0000*NCK#
3. Następnie: *#0001*NCK#
Telefon jest już bez simlocka


2018-12-17 15:44:59 Mark

Quick, simple, efficient, good value and worked beautifully

2018-09-24 15:24:30 denzal

i honestly thought it wouldn't work the price was really reasonable another site had the code for 24.99 and it was really fast. dont hesitate in getting your code here.

2018-09-13 13:38:06 Sarah

Couldn't get over how fast they replied with a code in less than an hour

2018-08-21 20:47:49 Nikos

The code provided was correct. The service was exactly as promised. I surely recommend them.

2018-08-10 12:01:48 Majella

Phone unlocked thank you

2018-05-22 18:34:23 Freylittapic

It took one hour to receive code and worked straight away.(i didn't double check sign at Asda& thought I had bought an unlocked phone.) Excellent service at sim - unlock

2018-02-11 09:42:51 Louis

Im 31, from england.. to be honest i wasn't confident that i would get a working code, but being able to pay by paypal and the relatively low price i thought i'd risk it. very happy to say i got my code in less than the stated time and it worked on the second attempt. i received two strings of numbers, the second worked for me so probably my mistake with the first set. Highly recommended, i can now use my phone with any network - exactly as described thank you.

2018-02-08 16:06:54 norman

Talk about easy, I followed your straight-forward instructions and hay-presto I have become a clever clogs. Thanks a million. I will be getting back in-touch shortly for my brother's phone doing, and thanks for being so quick ,I'm really impressed ,I thought it would have been complicated but it was easy. I feel really good. Norman.

2017-10-17 13:03:35 Alexis

unlocked, no problem

2017-10-16 13:55:26 Tayo

Works like a charm

2017-08-23 12:05:49 Sabir

Amazing. Was skeptical at first that the service was a lie, but received 4 codes just before the estimated delivery date. The code worked. I probably would have gotten the code for £0.73 cheaper, but does not mean the service was bad.

2017-06-12 14:23:46 Steve

I had tried a number of places to get my Alcatel phone unlocked, with no success. With Sim-unlock.net, I got the code within 24 hours. I would recommend using this service before you waste your time on any others.

2017-05-14 13:11:29 Sérgio


2016-11-18 14:36:53 Chris

Code arrived in email after a couple of hours. Was little confusing. 4 codes in email, 2 had letters so can't be entered as given, one of the numeric only codes worked though.

2016-11-09 19:36:56 giuseppe

6 euro in den wind geschissen.echt ne unverschämtheit

2016-09-21 20:14:33 bob


2016-08-31 00:21:02 lukasz

Pełna profeska w tym co robią....... na 5 gwiazdek daje 10

2016-08-17 12:34:14 Michael

Great communication Very fast response Will definetly use again